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Hello am Shashi! Welcome to My Blog!

EE Sophomore at IIT Kanpur. I love to do programming, pencil sketching, play badminton, study physics, reading novels.

Tips For cracking JEE Advance and Mains who are attending Coaching Classes..

Well practically speaking if you were enrolled with any good coaching institute you don't need much of my advice, do what your teachers say, they are the masters of everything...
  • Always follow up the tasks that they provide you to do.
  • Do each and every question that you get in your sheets to do.
  • Fight up with each and every question that you face, don't let any questions just go away if you can't solve it, try up to your last to break it, and if still, you are unable to solve it then don't forget to ask for the solution from your teacher.
  • Feel the solutions, analyze why you are not able to solve the particular question.
  • If you do get some free time, then relax for a while, try to listen to some music.
  • Never feel ashamed of asking some foolish doubts if you do have, remember it will make you fool for just for a while but there are bigger fools than you who don't clear their doubts.
  • Don't be afraid if you fail to perform well in your monthly test, analyze your paper why you failed? note down your mistakes on a separate copy. Watch it out before every other exam, you surely will release out many of your mistakes that you commit during your exams.
  • At last respect your teachers, your books, and your knowledge!!!