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how to record fm in s40 phones in silent places

hello everybody today i am to share on how to record fm in s40 phones in silent places i think most of you know xploreme and the method record fm using xplore me but the problem is xplore me can not record fm when it is playing via headset and it can only record when it is playing via loudspeaker .if you record in headset mod the file recorred is corrupted and it will not if it is in loudspeaker it is to mean difficult to record in silent places but using this trick you can record in silent places lets begin: 

  • first download xploreme.
  • plugin headset and open fm radio it will be played via headset.
  • now press # button or simply mute the sound.
  • now play fm radio via loudspeaker there is nothing to be heard because you have previously muted it.
  • open xploreme goto fm recorder set the time limit and change the directory from c:/ to e:/ 
  • now record your favourite channel where ever you want even in silent places and the sound recorded using this method using maximum sound of your phone in and this method are equal in their size,quality.