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Windows 10 the upcomming version of Microsoft Windows OS, know how to get technical preview...

Hey, friends Microsoft had planned to launch Windows 10 in 2015 but had provided a technical preview to control our eagerness to feel this new adventure from Microsoft Windows...

Now lets come to the important point about how to get the technical preview and use it. The Windows 10 technical preview's download link had been provided at the bottom of the post as well as the product key.  To install simply burn the ISO image to a DVD or you can also use a pendrive/ flashdrive to install, for that:
  • At first, disable your antivirus.
  • Then open the ISO file with WinRAR.
  • Copy and paste the files to your pen drive.

Download Links:

English (United States) 64-bit (x64)
English (United States) 32-bit (x86)