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AAP Party going to change the current politic scenario

It's really an great achievement achieved by AAP Party in this Delhi Election, winning 28 seats in their first election battle isn't an easy task. This shows that this party is really going to change the politics scenario of INDIA, forcing peoples to wake up and do the change. Now, it seems that INDIAN PEOPLE were changing and becoming cautious  about their job, by this i doesn't mean to say that other parties are not good or they are corrupt but don't you all think that INDIA needs a change.
Any person can't eat a same food everyday, he would surely get bored up and want to get change by getting some another food. Just like that we had got a new delicate and delicious party in our DELHI CONSTITUENCY which may further get progressed to ALL OTHER CONSTITUENCIES. So, friends go for a change we need it, i had got bored from others. I am feeling sorry for myself because i can't cast my vote right now as am only 15 years old but friends you can INDIA need it, cast your vote in right direction do some research before selecting your leader.
I don't know about other parties but i do think that AAP do have good members as well as members with no any criminal records. Most of the members are well educated, who were going to bring some change. Am really very excited to see what going to happen in coming future of INDIA. Now let's get introduce by some of the members of AAP:

Arvind Kejriwal

Education:  B.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology
Age:  45Years
Gender:  Male
Occupation:  Dependent on financial support from family and friends.
Assets:  One plot in his own name in Indirapuram and 1 Lac in his bank account. One flat in Gurgaon in his wife's name and 1 lac deposit.
Criminal Record:  Had cases filed against him during his fight against corruption

Satyendra Kumar Jain

Education:  Bachelor of Architecture
Age:  49Years
Gender:  Male
Occupation:  Architecture Consultancy
Assets:  House in Delhi and Meerut. Shares in company.
Criminal Record:  None

Rakhi Birla

Education:  MA in Mass Communication
Age:  26Years
Gender: Female
Occupation:  Journalist
Assets:  One family owned house.
Criminal Record:  None

You can get more details about members at HERE