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Carbyne, the strongest material ever founded in this world......

A more stronger material had been founded which stronger than diamond and even graphene.

In organic chemistry, carbyne is often a general term for any compound whose molecular structure includes an electrically neutral carbon atom with three non-bonded electrons, connected to another atom by a single bond. A carbyne has the general formula R-C3•, where R is any monovalent group and the superscript3• indicates the three unbounded valences.

It has been recently proved to be the strongest form of carbon making it the strongest metal ever known to humans. It left diamond behind along with graphene to be the strongest metal known to mankind till the date. It requires almost double energy than a carbon sheet for breakage and is quite flexible according to the MIT researchers.
Carbynes are named after the simplest such compound, HC3•, the methylidyne radical or (unsubstituted) carbyne.
This supermaterial is made of an indefinitely long chain of carbon atoms, linked together by sequential double bonds or by alternating triple and single bonds. The research has found that carbyne is incredibly strong and stiff, unlike any other material previously studied.

For instance, it takes a force of about 10 nanonewtons to break only one atomic chain in the molecular structure of carbyne. Similarly, this new form of carbon is so stiff it cannot be stretched, but it can be bent into a circle or an arc.