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BSNL trying to get their access to the root of 3G users of INDIA through it's unified low 2G/3G data plans...

After the Rcom reduced plan of 3G, i.e. 3G at 2G prices, BSNL had also entered in the field with more amazing pricing as compared to Reliance. As we know Reliance new low 3G plans of 123 works only with mobile but here in BSNL there is no any such conditions you can use them in PC, mobile, or in other things in whic you want to do.

BSNL had introduced [revised] it's all data plans and had converted them all to unified 2G/3G data plans. Which means you can get the speed of 3G at the same price of 2G only what you have to do is to use 3G network.
May be in future all the other leading brands like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, etc also will forward towards this. So, be ready to use the cheap world of 3G in India...........
Many peoples were thinking that it's a fault by BSNL that they were getting blazing fast 3G speed on their 2G network. And so this is posted as a hack on many website but my dear friends be calm because it's not a hack or any other trick it's great offer for you from BSNL. So, just EnJoY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now come to the revised data plans:


* For promotional period of 90 days with effect from 16.08.13
  1. Additional usage charges after free limit at Rs.0.02 /10KB.
  2. Extension of main account validity will be through plan vouchers.