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Hello am Shashi! Welcome to My Blog!

EE Sophomore at IIT Kanpur. I love to do programming, pencil sketching, play badminton, study physics, reading novels.

Fast your browser performance with GreaseMonkey

Do you want to bypass surveys, by pass ads like adfly, block ads on any websites you access. Increase performance of your browser. Why not????? Every buddy want to increase their accessibility on Internet. We very well know that by installing many times of plugins we can get these things, but in that cases our browser function get slow down because of too many plugins using your RAM. So, Today I am having a one stop solution to all that types of problems. GreaseMonkey or TamperMonkey is a plugin for firefox and chrome which allow us to install userscript on our browser.

So, here is a Simple Trick for this:

What's the logic behind it ?????

  • The most amazing advantage of this trick is that you dont have to install separate plugins for everything.
  • You have to get only Scripts from, which are of very less size.
NOTE: You can also try this trick for many hacks and other purpose. There are many but i can post it here because it will be not legal at all. So, if you want that things then you can contact with me on my Facebook Page. And don't forget to like that page because i reply to only genuine users of mine on my Facebook Page.