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MobiMB get access to internal memory of NOKIA

Now get access to the internal memory of your cell and move all your apps and gallery data to your memory card or your PC.

Get the MobiMB software to get access to the internal memory of your cell and then follow my steps to how to connect your C2-03 (or any other).

Download from below:

Instructions on how to download and install.

  • Download the both 'English' and 'Russian' version from mediafire [click on the name to download]
  • After that install the English version MobiMB. Open the rar file then open setup.exe to install.
  • After installing the MobiMB. Open MobiMB Russian version and copy LMMPC.exe and then paste it to the below location:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\LogoManager  [32-bit OS]
    C:\Program Filesx86\Common Files\LogoManager  [64-bit OS]
  • Now open MobiMB.
  • Then a new connection window will open. If not then Click! on File > Settings to create a new connection. See the image below:
  • Then Click! on  Add a connection > Cable connection (Serial or USB) > Nokia native USB phones > CA-101 cable (Micro-USB). After this a new connection will be created namely: Nokia USB device.
  • Now connect your C2-03 (or any other) in "Nokia ovi suite" mode.
  • That's all now you can access your internal memory of your.

Don't delete any file which was unknown to you as it may can damage the working of your cell. Any problem/damage arises to your cell will be your own responsibility. 

Live tutorial:

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