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Google Chrome Frame, brings HTML5 to your Internet Explorer older version

The latest Internet Explorer releases bring significant functionality improvements compared to their predecessors, but those who use older Windows versions and consequently, older IE versions, cannot benefit from these new features.
That is where Google Chrome Frame comes in. This simple plug-in is designed to bring some of the advantages of Chrome to Internet Explorer, offering the user a better browsing experience. It can integrate the latest open web technologies into your IE browser, thus making it faster and more reliable.

The main purpose of Google Chrome Frame is to help web developers take advantage of the modern technologies, such as the HTML5 canvas tag and JavaScript's recent enhancements, in order to create cutting-edge, reliable and fast web apps. Some of these features are not natively supported by Internet Explorer, especially its older versions (up to IE 9).

Download Google Chrome Frame to:

  • Speed up your web experience:

    Sites that utilize Google Chrome Frame become more responsive.
  • Enjoy more advanced features:

    With Google Chrome Frame, sites offer you new features based on open technologies.
  • Surf the web the way you are used to:

    Google Chrome Frame works under the hood with your current browser.

Available for IE 6, 7, 8, 9 on XP SP2 or greator. Go to the Download Link