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Connect INTERNET on Ubuntu through your mobile

Connect to Internet on Ubuntu through your mobile phone.


Most mobile devices should be recognized automatically when you connect them to your computer. Ubuntu will prompt you to configure the device.
  • The New Mobile Broadband Connection wizard will open automatically when you connect the device.
  • Click Forward and insert your details, including the country where your Mobile Broadband device was issued, the network provider and type of connection (for example, Contract or pre-pay).
  • Give your connection a name (it is up to you what name you choose) and click Apply.
  • Your connection is now ready to use. To connect, click the Network Manager icon in the top right of the panel and select your new connection.
  • To disconnect, left click the Network Manager icon in the top right of the panel and click Disconnect.
If you are not prompted to configure the device when you connect it, it may still be recognized by Ubuntu. In such cases you can add the connection manually.
  • Right-click the Network Manager icon in the system notification area and click Edit Connections
  • Select the Mobile Broadband tab.
  • Click Add.
  • This should open the New Mobile Broadband Connection wizard. Enter your details as described above.

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