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Hello am Shashi! Welcome to My Blog!

EE Sophomore at IIT Kanpur. I love to do programming, pencil sketching, play badminton, study physics, reading novels.

Play youtube video at superfast speed on 2G...

Now Play youtube video at superfast speed on 2G....... It's not a joke, now you can really watch any youtube video on PC randomly on 2G network.

So, follow the following steps:

  • Download Real Player from HERE.
  • After that install it on your PC. 
  • After installing it open it and click on the TOP-LEFT drop down menu named as "real player". Then go to File >> New >> New Web Browser. OR directly press "Ctrl + N". 
  • Then a media browser will be opened in that there will be a ADDRESS bar in that type "" and press on go. An example Shown in the picture below.

  • After that open the video which you want to open. Like I had opened Harry Potter video and click on Watch Video. See the picture:

  • Remember you can also watch the video in High Quality by selecting Video quality as HQ.
  • After clicking on Watch Video you can watch the video by going back to Now Playing tab in real player menu. 
  • After that click on Size and select Fit to Window.
  • And that's all.
  • Enjoy the fast video streaming on your PC on 2G network.