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Hello am Shashi! Welcome to My Blog!

EE Sophomore at IIT Kanpur. I love to do programming, pencil sketching, play badminton, study physics, reading novels.

Amulyam (Earn Money)

Here, I was again posting on earning money @online, a similar site like PICKZUP. It's AMULYAM

Now as usual come to the point that how this amulyam provide you money. Look at below: 
  • By shopping @ their Sponser's, you will be credited with different range of money.
  • By uploading funny pictures, the newest thing on INTERNET, here you can earn money by uploading any funny pictures and you will be credited for any approved picture.
  • You can also Play and Create Quiz which will provide you money.
  • By reffering friends.
  • Reading your Bonus Mail, in this there will be ads in your mail, which will be received in your email provider inbox like gmail.