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Hello am Shashi! Welcome to My Blog!

EE Sophomore at IIT Kanpur. I love to do programming, pencil sketching, play badminton, study physics, reading novels.

Tips For cracking JEE Advance and Mains who are not attending Coaching

Well, really it needs lots of efforts from you all. I will be helping you with all of my strengths. But you need to do much more labor from yourself. I will be recommending you all some important books to follow up. I will also try to provide solutions to some of the books most probably of physics. So, let's know some of the most important mantras to follow up:
  • First of all, don't think up that the students who attend coaching classes are superior to you.
  • You can also make up to that, just raise your confidence and willpower.
  • Think of some reason for which you have to crack JEE Adv, i.e. you don't have any other choice than to crack JEE Adv.
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Tips For cracking JEE Advance and Mains who are attending Coaching Classes..

Well practically speaking if you were enrolled with any good coaching institute you don't need much of my advice, do what your teachers say, they are the masters of everything...
  • Always follow up the tasks that they provide you to do.
  • Do each and every question that you get in your sheets to do.
  • Fight up with each and every question that you face, don't let any questions just go away if you can't solve it, try up to your last to break it, and if still, you are unable to solve it then don't forget to ask for the solution from your teacher.
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Books for Physical Chemistry..

For Theory:
  • Again NCERT is best for Physical Chem.
  • If you need to know extra then get Atkins Physical Chem.

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Books for Inorganic Chemistry..

For theory:
  • NCERT is best one out there.
  • If you need some extra foods for Inorganic then get J.D. Lee's Concise Inorganic Co-authored by Sudharshan Guha.

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Books for Organic Chemistry..

For theory:
  • Get Morrison And Boyd new JEE edition by Sonal Rajora.
  • Or Wiley's Solomons & Fryhle's new JEE edition by M. S. Chouhan.

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Books for Physics..

For Theory:
  • HC Verma's Fundamentals of Physics is good enough for theory part.
  • If You want to get some better theoretical book than I would suggest you get Resnick and Halliday older edition of CBS publishers or newer version of Resnick and Halliday Co-authored by Krane.

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Recommended Books for JEE Advance and Mains...

Follow up the link to know the books for respective subjects:

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